One Life, No Regrets!

  एक जीवन, कोई पछतावा नहीं।

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Area of Expertise

Child Rights, International Law, Constitutional Law, Political Science, Military History, Public Policy, Criminal Law, Media Law, Aviation Law, United Nations, Reproductive Rights, Art of Debating, Indian Constitution, Disability Rights, Intellectual Property Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, Nuclear Law, and Criminal Law.

United Nations | Human Rights Watch | National Cadet Crops | International Committee of the Red Cross | Author | RTI Activist | Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) | Amnesty International | The Commonwealth of Nations

Volunteer Work

Khalsa Aid, National Social Service, Child Rights and You and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Udit Malik, India

A constitutional patriot who is politically incorrect, not restrained and slightly impertinent.

Udit Malik, researcher, and human rights activist. Hailing from India, talented enough to make his presence felt in every room due to his intellect, sarcasm, and confidence. From writing to debating, Udit’s plethora of virtues allows him to do something in every field. This engineering dropout turned lawyer has been a cadet of National Cadet Corps, the world's largest uniformed youth organization. A true friend to listen to your stories and a hardworking human with a heavy-duty brain, he wants to make people aware of the glaring issues prominent in the current world scenarios and serve his nation selflessly. Udit’s formula of being happy and successful is being himself in the most vivid possible way he can and that is how he leaves a mark wherever he goes.

He worked on various national & international projects and judged countless debates (all formats). He is a member of many international Think Tanks. He has tried Karate and MMA at the local level but for now, he plans to keep his nose unbroken and in shape.

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