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If the citizenship of each Indian citizen is suspect till the NRC exercise is concluded, the citizenship of each MLA and MP gracing the Parliament is suspect. They should resign right now. We cant have suspect non-citizens illegally sitting there and making laws for us.

The Prime minister's citizenship is suspect. He needs to resign.

The citizenship of each honorable judge is suspect. Im sorry, my honors, we cant have non-citizens deciding our disputes.

The citizenship of the President is suspect. He should resign.

The election is suspect. Only citizens have a right to vote and since we don't know how many of them holding their election ids will actually make it to the NRC, the whole exercise is suspect.

Each Chief Minister's office is suspect.

The Executive, Legislative and Judiciary is suspect.

All our previous census is suspect. Each data we presented to the world is suspect.

And who will certify our Citizenship? The citizenship of each government officer is suspect.

Oh by the way, under which authority was this CAA passed by suspect non-citizens.

Our whole country is suspect.

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