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Price of Freedom

All those advocating any kind of war, limited conflict, retaliation, revenge, from the comforts or discomforts of wherever they are, please stop. Sedate yourself with a tranquilliser if that's what it takes. Because some of us are personally and directly at the cusp of our lives being altered forever. Living in constant dread and gripped with fear. People will lose their husbands or fathers if any conflict of ANY scale occurs. It doesn't matter how well you wish them. It doesn't matter if you are an academician of stellar reputation, or strategist or analyst. It doesn't matter if you have 'friends' that hold high ranking military positions. It doesn't even matter if you are a veteran yourself who was in a similar situation just a year ago. And most certainly doesn't matter if you are a retired expert who served in every war known to man. We respect each of you and thank you for all your service. But it doesn't matter at this moment because you are not the one physically present in this crisis right now. You will not be the orphan or the widow having to live with trauma that no amounts of your empathy or compassion can ever, ever fix.

So please stop your analyses and your expert opinions if they even remotely suggest ANY kind of conflict, no matter how smart, experienced or erudite you may be. You will not be the orphan or the widow or the mother who loses her 22 year old son. Please enjoy the lifting of the lockdown, enjoy preparing for atmanirbharta while Covid19 rages. Or go on a much deserved vacation with your family or whatever it takes to keep you from making any kind of provocative statement (for any reason).

If conflict occurs, because of the things any of you said or suggested because you instigated a need for revenge or reinstating national pride or whatever, and then someone becomes orphaned or widowed, that death is on YOU!

Doesn't matter how we got here in the first place. Or whose fault it was. But all subsequent deaths/casualties are on every single person who advocated anything other than peace. Liberal, Veteran, Expert, Strategist, Right Wing, Left Wing..whoever!

This will be your fault.

Jai Hind!

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