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We humans call ourselves sentient beings. Sentient is alive, able to feel and perceive, and show awareness, able to smell, communicate, touch, see, or hear.

Earth is the only planet known the vast universe which harbours sentient life. We call it as the mother earth. Is not earth also alive, a sentient organism. What if the planet earth is a giant living organism? I tend to believe it is. It is mother earth and how it can our mother earth be not alive? She has given birth to 107 Billions of us by giving all the Carbon, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, our bodies needed to function. She also hide us when we finished with our time on her back. About 7.7 Billion of us still living, thriving on the mother earth.

Our mother earth has been kind to all of us, given us all our stories, laughter, music, jungles, wines, jingles, love, food, water, shelter, fruits, river, rain and other sentient fellows (we called animals) to share the bounties. Why you think that it is not alive.

What we did with our mother? We became selfish. We did not share with other humans the riches we extracted from her. Anything she gave to us from gold, silver, oil, food and fruit, we failed to share equitably with others. We cut the jungles, not appreciating our dependence on these for oxygen. We polluted the waters. We destroyed rain forests and above all, we did not respect other sentient creations. Kill to eat became our second nature.

Mother earth, like any of our affectionate mother tried to teach us with love and mercy. She kept telling us that we are not doing good to her. She showed her fever by global warming and told us of her bad moods through hurricanes and droughts. Earthquakes and Tsunamis shook us. We did not listen. We keep plundering and not listening. We divided the planet on the basis of our home made faiths. We, the sentient human beings, started behaving like viruses on her body. We made her sick by methane emissions, land extractions and polluted seas. We tested nukes deep inside her in under the oceans. We reproduced on her body, without caring that her capacity to love us and provide for us is limited. We killed each other for conquering lands which could never be ours. We draw lines on the land and then killed millions for the crime of being on the other side of that line. We indiscriminately started killing other sentient animals.

I wonder, if she has decided that enough is enough. She is not happy that we have been ungrateful. Has she sent this pandemic to eliminate a part of us, the ‘human virus’ and teach the humanity a lesson that the home which was leased to us by the nature is worth sharing with each other and to live and love with harmony with all the creatures of the land.

We must love all the other living creatures and accept that there is no abode for humanity except this earth. Humanity is alone in this vast expanse of space. Will the mother earth give us an opportunity to mend our ways, or it is already too late?

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