The right and wrong, good or bad, positive and negative, true or false, sin or virtue, evil or godly, moral or immoral. Who decides and how to decide and how to measure, gauge and judge. Does any universally applicable timeless litmus test of truth exist which would be above any religion, society or creed?

I think yes, there is one which every human can access.

When we look around, we find that for all conscious beings, Life is the most valuable thing. From human foetus to blue whale, preservation of life is the ultimate struggle. If we agree that preservation and protection of life is the lowest common denominator of all animate matter, it would make the decision making a measurable test.

In our life’s journey that is the only satnav we need when traversing unseen alleys. Ask yourself, “What I am going to do, is it pro-life or anti-life?”

Let that question be your god, gospel, guide and dogma. You can judge any activity, act, thought, medicine, speech, religious belief, political ideology, education, job, professional career, food, rule or substance-use with this test.

If the subsequent consequence of your actions enhance, protect or preserve life, it is a virtue, goodness and godly and if it diminishes, degrades or endangers life, it is a sin, evil and immoral.

From ordering food on the menu to choosing your life partner, you may never need a God to guide you again.

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