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I once heard someone say that nearly every human being is selfish. Even their most loving motives have a selfish need. For example, when you pray for your family's wellbeing, usually it's because you can't imagine your life without them. Yes, you love them and want the best for them. However, you want them to stay alive and be around, so you don't have to suffer without their presence.

This idea can also apply to personal relationships. I often feel that people will stay with someone, even when they don't have a good reason to, because they can't imagine being alone. In their mind, they are putting their partner first, above their own needs. However, you'll often discover their behaviour is still self-serving – but it's a need born out of fear.

No type of relationship is perfect – troubles are the norm, and they encourage growth. Nevertheless, when the negatives outweigh the positives, and your intuition tells you that you deserve better, it's usually time to move on. Again, this might seem selfish, but your reason for staying is probably selfish too. It only makes sense to move forward towards more joy, instead of holding back due to fear.

People don't like feeling uncomfortable or lonely, and they don't like facing the unknown; it scares them. This is why some people don't pursue their dreams. This constant fear keeps us facing mediocrity. We're so scared of what might go wrong or how we might feel if our circumstances change, that we try our best to keep things the same; even if they are always hurting us.

Life is always changing, and you have to change with it. You might face troubles, and depending on your level of growth, you might suffer. But, if you stay stuck, you will hinder your growth and remain at a state of suffering for the majority of your life. Move on with faith. Being alone is nothing to fear – it's an opportunity to realize how amazing it can be, once you begin to love yourself. Plus, once you practice self-love, you'll experience more people and situations that love you back.

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