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Lest you forget.

The man the nation ridicules by calling juvenile names was the one who helped Nirbhaya's family meet ends financially and otherwise and never shared it in public.

From paying their bills, legal and social assistance to other financial aid like helping Nirbhaya's brother through school, college and facilitating him in becoming a pilot and fulfilling his dreams.

One stark difference remained in his ideals and Nirbhaya's family.

He did not want a death sentence for the people who killed his father Rajiv.

Rajiv Gandhi was bombed, his body wasn't found. Neither limbs, nor his face, nothing.

His murderers are still alive, after 29 years.

Rahul has been relentlessly trolled online to the extent of mental harassment.

He might never be an astute politician, but one cannot question his tolerance and compassion!

Good on you, Rahul.

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