When there is a rape, do we ask the rapist to talk to a woman? When children are targeted, do we trend talktoachild? Isn't it understood that children should not be hurt? Does it need a special research to know that women are also human beings? Then why talk to a muslim?

All these years, didn't you live next to Muslims? Didn't you have Muslim classmates and colleagues? Didn't you celebrate Eid holidays? Don't you watch Aamir Khan-SalmanKhan-ShahrukhKhan movies? Did you see their movies in the Animal Kingdom channel? Muslims are about 14% of the population. You couldn't have possibly missed them; could you?

Then what is this Talk to a Muslim? What kind of a narrative do you want to build by pleading that we are also human beings? It has to take a special kind of stupid to not know that. The first step any dictatorship does to normalize hatred towards a community is dehumanising them. This government and its supporters are already doing that, using terms like puppies and child-producing factories. Why are you contributing to this dehumanization?

We need to keep the narrative on the right track. Muslims or Christians or even Hindus who don't believe in this hatred inducing doctrine are not living in the country at the pittance of the Hindutva thugs, backed by the current regime. They are living because they are citizens of this country and have as much right to live in the country as any Modi, Yogi or Shah. Nobody needs to humour anybody for their rights. Nobody needs to appeal to anyone; definitely not to bigots.

As long as you keep giving your space, not out of love but out of fear, you will continue to be chased out. Dig in your heels and stay. Many may say I'm talking from a position of entitlement and that the poor on the street are the ones who actually face the brunt of this hatred. But if entitled people express helplessness by tweeting such ill-thought of trends, how will the man on the street fight this bullying back? He already is being stamped into the dirt. Your helplessness is just going to weaken him more.

It's not tolerance we need. It's our right we demand- Right as equal Indian citizens.

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