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A letter to Nirbhaya Rapist’s Defence Lawyer, Adv. Manohar Lal Sharma.

Dear Mr. Manohar Lal Sharma,

Sir, you have most certainly excited me and created the "atmosphere” and “circumstances” to write this letter to you. In case you have not got the hint yet, this letter is in response to the heart to heart interview you gave on "I Agree With” at

In order to come down to the purpose of writing this letter after 7 years, 6 months, 16 days, it’s important I mention about one thing that one of Nirbhaya’s rapists had been shot quoting in an interview with BBC. I know most of the rational and humanly Indians will second the fact that the rapist had quoted many more than just one blood-boiling and sheer unacceptable statements. However, it was the casualness with which he mentioned about how his juvenile rapist “friend” caught something long like Nirbhaya’s intestines in his hands in the process of raping her and realized then that she is probably dead and hence useless for them all and should now be thrown off the bus, that pinched me the most. Calling these species of men “psychopaths” would also probably be an abuse to the psychopaths' fraternity!

So well talking about psychopaths reminds me… you sir, Adv. Manohar Lal Sharma, the proud defense lawyer of these extra-ordinary men, well did I just give a portrayal of your character in one single sentence?! Oops, it wasn’t meant to come out so soon. But having said all that, I truly respect you, sir. I respect you for the audacity to utter the words of virtuousness like “right”, “wrong”, “nature’s laws”, “duties of men and women towards themselves and each other”, “criteria that certify a woman’s character”, etc. The kind of words which when coming out from an educated illiterate’s mouth is an absolute misfit!

But you said them and you continued uttering them with conviction! Bravo!

But your interview also left me puzzled! And it has kept me wondering about multiple aspects. Let’s start off with your “Theory of the Stages of Rape”. Oh just to clear “Let’s start off” was not intended to be a sexual pose!

Anyway, so I thought deeply about this theory and realized that probably this theory will stand as an exception to have so many exceptions to it!

I mean if stages leading to rape are "atmosphere”, “sexual excitement” and “consent of the girl”, then how is a 3-year-old child from Bangalore creating an atmosphere to get raped by going to school to get an education! If 49 school-going girls are being sexually harassed by two of their teachers, how are those 49 girls to be blamed?

How is it that a daughter manages to sexually excite her “by blood” father! Or how can intercourse be even remotely termed as rape if the girl gives consent for it!

On the night Nirbhaya got raped, had she been with her “chattaan” (rock) strong husband instead of her friend, do you guarantee she would not have gotten raped? And in that case, what more according to you she could have done to protect her own self?

I saw how concerned you were about the safety of women and wanted to protect them like a “mithai ka dabba” or a “diamond”.

You are probably forgetting one very minute detail here that women are not a commodity you own! They are human beings!

Just as free-willed and free-spirited as men. When “mohalle ke kutte” become wild, people are not house arrested or refrained from stepping out, but the dogs are definitely sacked and kept off the streets!

Also, Adv. Manohar, be a man enough to decide upon one thing! Are the rock-solid men responsible to protect the “physically weak” women, or are the women responsible for their own safety! Because you're being a convenience and situation-based “Dhobi ka Kutta” makes it all the more apparent how fundamentally MENTAL you are! It is men like you who have stood as inspirations in coining the term “Men”tal!

We live in a country where the way to deal with the truth is to first twist it, then turn it, then manipulate it and then eventually “ban” it from surfacing; where a RAPIST defines the meaning of DECENCY and where parameters to judge a man and a woman’s character are so disparate and baseless. With every progressing day, we seem to move backward. And every rational citizen of India wakes up with the fear of “What next”, “What more” and “How much more”

Jai Hind!

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