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Balochistan- A cry for justice.

There are no civil liberties. Whole population is like under siege. There is a Genocide of the indigenous people. Military is occupying the land. Media is muzzled. Foreigners are being brought in & people are being driven out of their lands. There is a total blackout of news. People’s movement is restricted. Areas are barricaded. People are denied their basic human rights for 7 decades. There is no internet and telecommunication.

You protest on the plight of our Kashmiri brethren. You stand in solidarity with them.

No, sorry sir. No Kashmir; It’s about Balochistan. Your occupied territory.

Balochistan is 44% of Pakistan’s landmass, 70% of coastline, 5% of population and 49% of its livestock and only 3.6% of its total population. The province is immensely rich in natural resources, including oil, gas, copper, iron, coal and gold. Despite these huge deposits of mineral wealth, it is one of the poorest and most deprived regions of Pakistan. Majority don’t have access to electricity, gas or potable water. For 65% of the rural population, nomadic and grazing lifestyle has not changed for the better in the last 1000 years or so.

It has been under the Pakistan's occupation since 1948, when Pakistan Army conquered it. Thousands of people have disappeared without trace in Balochistan. It is a land of missing persons, mass graves and dumped bodies. What Pakistan does in Balochistan amounts to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

I believe India will support Baloch people in every way which is needed for the liberation of a nation.

A Government in exile in New Delhi may be formed. Baloch leaders must be given asylum. Indian political missions worldwide should have separate desks to help the Baloch cause.

An independent Balochistan would be a geopolitical investment by India in the region. Balochistan’s energy resources are vast and India’s emerging economy needs enormous energy resources to compete with China and other countries. China is militarising Balochistan’s coastal belt to have a better stranglehold on India. China is rising and has built military islands in the South (of) China Sea. New bases and military installations are being built by Pakistan and China in Balochistan but there is no strategic response by India. Baloch freedom and Indian strategic interests are linked. It will help to start the Balkanisation of the rogue state, which is the only sure remedy to control the internal insurgency and border threats by the terrorist army of Pakistan. India’s long term security cant be ensured without it.



#FreeBalochistan #IndiaWithBaloch. #BalkanisePakistan




#PakistanArmyTerrorist #HumanRightsViolationsBalochistan

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