Call out culture.

Call out culture needs to end. Even if it has to exist, maybe only people you can't reach out to should be called out. If you've an issue with what someone has said and you're able to message them personally, do that - it's more respectful and potentially constructive.

Naming and shaming shouldn't be a principle. At best it's a strategy. Power dynamics should be kept in mind. Shaming the powerful is one thing, shaming your peers is totally different.

It's as if people aren't allowed to make mistakes. Imagine being in a class where the teachers keep scolding you for every mistake. Or if your friends and siblings keep doing that. I don't suppose you'd call that a nurturing environment.

People expect perfection on social media: perfect selfie, right filter, and pristine politics (which is an illusion in itself). In real life, people mumble, they lose their train of thought, they correct themselves as they're talking; it's far more beautiful than a curated Twitter feed. Demanding perfection is dehumanizing and pouncing on a slip up is petty and predatory.

Forging real life relations to understand someone requires work. Maybe when we do that, we'll realize how hard it is to form communities, how important it is to form them, and how we haven't done much to actually create them. Social media is fake.

And as I say that, I admit I have participated in call outs too. But it's never too late to be better.

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