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Every body in life chooses the path that suites them the most. Some will choose to get married at 23, build a family, and live the warmth of it. Some will choose to get married at 35, after they have gone wild enough. After they have seen and experienced every thing on their to-do list since they were young. Someone will study for 10 more years and choose an academic career because that's what they dreamt of a lot. Other will look at the academic career like the lamest job ever existed. Some will move to a new country, start from scratch and never look back. Some will live and die where their families are rooted.

Choosing a path different that the one you assume the best -from your humble point of view- doesn't make anyone wrong.

They always told us that twenties is the age of our most critical decisions, hence scared the hell out of us that we might ruin the rest of our lives because of one not-so-good decision.

Because again they imposed the right and wrong kind of culture on decisions, when it's not meant to exist.

It's barely a decision that we believe and wish to fit us the most, at the very moment of choosing it.

Cheers to all the ones in their 20's, 30, 40's and up to as long as they live, because 20's ain't going to be the last time you take a decision anyway.

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