Class 10th India.

Class 10th examination holds ample significance for a student as it opens the door leading to the field of his/her absolute interest. But generally, the score obtained herein is given overwhelming importance and is attached to the student’s further choices regarding stream of study and career preferences among others. It is perceived as a parameter of merit determination and the marks are taken to be proportional to one’s worth but this formula is inherently flawed.

1. A student might score an eighty in English and a hundred in Maths, despite having more interest in English. But if he does so, it’s advisable to choose the stream of education which can take him closer to the subject that is dear to him, Humanities in this case, rather than going with the subject he could fetch more marks in. Performance is inextricably related to inner satisfaction which is in turn dependent on a student’s interest in the subjects he chooses for himself.

2. The convention of associating high marks obtained in Class 10th with Science as the stream for higher education should be dropped. Needless to say, the belief of Science being superior to the other streams, held by some parents and students alike, is false. All streams hold equal potential for a student to shine, the only thing which matters being his interest in the same. As for parents and relatives, they should not coerce the child into choosing the stream of their expectations be it actively or passively but rather set him free to fly. This freedom can take him to unprecedented heights which coercion can never take him to.

3. Sometimes external agencies influence the students to choose a stream which ‘compliments their gender’. Students who are fed with such regressive ideas should pay a deaf ear to the same and go by what they feel is best for them. To say that Humanities is not for boys and peddle across similar statements is outright regressive and such ideas need to be done away with.

4. Position holders and others who have shined in the Class 10th examination are often motivated to fetch a position in the HS examination as well and such motivation does more harm than good. Supposedly meritorious students should be left to carve out their future in the way they feel comfortable in. They might not see the purpose of their lives in congruence with what the society perceives it as. And in case, they don’t secure a position in HS, it can never be a manifestation of them fading away.

5. All choices of further studies should be equally accessible for students and the society’s non acceptance should not deprive a student from choosing courses like vocational courses, polytechnic etc.

6. A student might not have a plan ready for his future, right after the tenth boards. Such a student should be allowed to explore indefinitely and not having a lucrative career path designed already should be normalised.

Students shine the brightest when they are uninfluenced by flawed norms of convention. They perform at their best when they are not made to scale flawed peaks of expectations. Let their interest reign and they will work wonders.

Jai Hind!

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