Dear Muslim Brothers.

Dear Muslim Brothers,

This is as much as your country as it is anyone else's who lives within the borders of the country, who has been born here and has had ancestors who have lived here all their lives.

Don't be an apologist of a citizen. Don't be a second class citizen. Don't try to prove your patriotism, don't have a flag as your display picture, that does not prove anything.

Don't allow anyone to ask you to prove your nationalism or patriotism, you don't need a certificate from anyone, never did, never will.

You are a Muslim because of an accident of birth, like everyone else too is. If a person is born a Dalit, it is not as per his choice. If someone is born a Sikh, it is not that he wanted to be born a Sikh. It is just an accident. We are all in the same boat now although we may have arrived on different ships.

You are as much important for this country as the next person you know. You don't have to prove anything to anybody. You are and indeed each one of us is equal in the eyes of the constitution. You have one vote, the same as anybody else. There is no one who is superior than you nor is there anyone inferior than you.

Your religion, and indeed the religion of any Indian is their personal connect with their personal god. And everyone is free to practice the religion that they want.

So don't allow anyone to walk all over you.

And believe me you, I'll stand by you till the last drop of blood drains from my body to defend your right to be here.

And also believe me you, there are tens of millions who carry the same thoughts in our hearts and minds.

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