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Don’t be a bigot.

The Convalescent Plasma Therapy is being tried on Covid19 patients and is showing some potential of being successful.

It basically involves taking the plasma from the blood of those people, who were infected by Covid19 and then recovered from it, thus forming antibodies to fight against the virus, and transfusing it in the body of those who are currently still infected.

This will provide the patient the required antibodies to fight against Covid19.

The Tablighi Jammat has already declared that they will be most willing to donate their plasma from those of them who were cured to help the patients.

Now I have a few questions for you:

- Will you, those who are not even ready to buy vegetables from Muslims be ready to accept this plasma from a Muslim if it was going to cure you or someone from your family? (It needs a consent form to be signed)

- Will those who go about hatemongering against other religions also start a Twitter Hashtag to boycott Muslim Blood?

- Will the Hate Mongering News Media flash Headlines calling this a "Plasma Jihad"?

- Will the various Govts, both State and Center, who were showing the number of infected by Tablighi as a separate category, also show a separate tabulation of how many people were cured of Covid19 and how many of them were cured by Tablighi plasma?

- Will you rather die than be cured by their blood?

Or will you finally realize that behind the different looks, behind the different appearances and behind the different names, we are all one and the same.

Humans made of skin, flesh, bones, plasma?

The creation of the same kind of species.

Meant to be living together in harmony irrespective of our beliefs being different.

Disclaimer: When you hate someone just because of his religion, caste, creed or gender, remember at the end of the day it is just one human being, you, hating another human being for having a different belief than you. Basically it means you are a bigoted moron.

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