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Equality is a Myth

Most of us have a belief that all human beings are born equal, which means that everyone has equal qualities and equal attributes and gets equal opportunities to excel in life. Yet today we see people who are genius in doing some things and not even mediocre in doing other things. It is argued that every human being has a different set of qualities and his success depends on identifying and utilizing those qualities. But it is my belief that equality is a man-made term used only to satisfy the pseudo-intellectuals. It is said that there are three general types of equalities; religious and spiritual, mental, and physical and economic equality. When practically analyzed, the term “types of equalities” becomes ironic as equality at any level is nonexistent.

Equality in any form is a misnomer, and cannot be attained. Life is just an adjustment between people. Adjust yourself to live together, the best way possible. I do not think, that a person of the West, can be equal to a person of East, South, or North. A baby cannot be equal to an adult, or a middle-aged person, be equal to an old aged person. Then how can two persons of different gender be equal to one another? Ideological principles tried to introduce economic equality, but that too did not succeed. It is not known why we are trying to achieve an unachievable.

People are different, mentally, bodily, and biologically. Why should we aspire for equality?

The society, together with religion, tradition, and culture, have made some arrangement to live peacefully together. In addition, we have the law of the land, enacted by the state authorities, which enable people to live with some level of peace and happiness. We have to live with what is available to us. There is no point in searching for something that does not exist.

The main issues are freedom, security, and economic prosperity. We have already created a family system of living, which is universally accepted. Family systems have taken the responsibility of taking care of family members. It is a great relief for the state. But in a family set up, usually male is the breadwinner, and as such, take the leadership of the family. This results in reducing the importance of the female member, which is considered unequal. To set right this anomaly, restructuring of the family system may be attempted.

The institution of marriage has taken a permanent footing in our lifestyle. If equality is a concept to be considered, it should start with marriage. Socially, educationally, and financially, both the boy and girl should be equal. But now, we are looking for a situation, where, the boy is superior, in all these aspects. This has to be done away with. Educate every girl child to the maximum possible, and get the girl duly employed before marriage. So family life can start with a level of equality. However, nature’s intervention in biological matters, cannot be stopped, altered, or changed. Is mankind capable of winning over nature?

One thing that people should consider is that biological differences do not define hierarchy. Hierarchy is a social structure. It is based on preconceived habitual notions that have been repeated, inherited, and disseminated throughout human history. Nevertheless, these notions do not have inherent truth. It’s always been contested throughout time.

Science is an objective and material truth. Science just describes things in detail as it is without inherent meaning. But science leaves the question of “why”. And this is where morality and religion came in to fill the judgment. Science could be understood wrongly if science is judged by morality and even more logically perplexing, religion. And this is where science sometimes got me boggled by its ignorance use. And this tendency is traced back to human pre-state history.

According to Hobbes, the natural state of man -human civilization before the state- is characterized by an obsession for possession. The obsession for possession and domination over women was started at the dawn of the agriculture age, where humans were able to accumulate resources. For the first time, labor was invented. Hence, the population was becoming a concern for not only the longevity of the clan but also the land. The position of woman, who was initially shared the same responsibility and occupations in the hunter-gatherer era, became denigrated as a procreation machine. Freud suspected that domination over women is based on the social identification of “phallus” over the vagina and the sexual role of men as givers. Therefore, for the first time, humans (women and children) became assets, and hence, a hierarchy emerged with women’s position in a low degree.

Skip to modern society, this obsession for possession became a natural motive of politics, in which the possession is centered on “power” and “truth”. The use of which is the foundation of our society even today and domination over women. Butler’s performative theory is basically saying that phallic-centered culture that was cultivated since primitive agriculture era is performed repetitively and became a norm about the lesser position of women. Hence, the behavior is gendered and stereotyped. But the lesser position of women is based on the obsession of men over possession, power, and truth which underlie social construction.

Nonetheless, gender equality has already existed before the agriculture era. Anthropology research on human behavior pre-agriculture showed that men and women in the hunter-gatherer era shared an equal position, responsibility, and role in their familial community.

Every person may not be mentally and physically equal, some are mentally sharper than others and some live physically better lives than others. It is argued that people are given the equal potential to excel in something and their success depends on identifying and utilizing that potential. Yet, most of the people with disabilities cannot be equal to others because they cannot equip themselves to fully recognize their potential and compete with other people. Unfortunately, they do not have a real chance of educating themselves as they require specially trained teachers and a specific environment which is either very expensive to provide or not provided at all. Even if disabled people educate themselves, employers would be unwilling to employ them because in that case, they would have to provide special facilities for disabled people, which would increase the cost and lower profits of the organization. One may point out that it is the duty of the government not only to educate such people but also to ensure that they get employment opportunities, but in reality, the best quality of education and employment opportunities are provided by the private sector. Similarly, a person who is mentally weaker than others will find it difficult to excel in anything and even hard work would only allow him to lead a mediocre life. Therefore attaining equality on mental and physical levels becomes almost impossible.

Today one of the major emphases of the world community is on promoting racial and gender equality and ensuring equal opportunity to everyone. The world’s most influential and developed nation, America, boasts of these qualities. Yet, according to a Washington-based Justice Policy Institute, the number of Black men in jail or prison is greater than the number of black men in college. Furthermore, a report issued by the Justice Department of America states that “Black men born in the United States in 2001 will have a one in three chance of going to prison during their lifetime if current trends continue” (Younge).

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not condemning equality under the law, i.e. I don't believe that certain people should exercise more of their natural rights than others, or are entitled to more freedom, or should be subject to less punishment for transgressing mutually agreed-upon rules. I don't think someone who's a certain race or religion is "more equal" within that framework than someone of a different race or religion or sex.

That said, the notion that equality is an achievable or even desirable end in itself is a delusion and one that has caused an enormous amount of harm-and death-particularly over the past 2 centuries. It's the foundation stone of one of the most pernicious ideologies, Rousseauianism, to ever afflict humanity, and continues to oppress millions and retard prosperity.

In short, equality is not only a delusion but an extremely harmful one that needs to be discarded if we ever hope to advance humanity.

Is equality in society a Utopian idea?

Yes. Equality in society is never possible because everyone in this world is different in intelligence, talent, ability, capability, liking, disliking, thinking, feeling, acting, reacting, and interacting. Nature loves diversity.


Walk towards equality, don't achieve it.

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