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Everything is getting filmed. Every damn thing.

Racism is not getting worse, it's getting filmed. - Will Smith

Everything is getting filmed. Every damn thing. We are seeing death live.

This is supposed to shake us up. This is supposed to be a sleepless horror for us. This is supposed to make us force the government to resign. This is supposed to make us realise that we have turned into robots who are as unaffected as the government.

We wake up to a new horror everyday. Sleep with a new low everynight. In between we raise our voices to the best of our abilities in the hope that this will wake someone up. But it doesn't.

We elected a mass murderer to lead the country. His supporters know that. They voted him for that only. Can you expect them to cultivate empathy? Can you expect them to shed a tear for anybody? They don't even know what love means. They raised a voice for the Palghar sadhus not out of empathy for them but for shoving their narrative in our faces.

The fact that the government is using this pandemic as an umbrella under which it is arresting peaceful protestors under the false charges of murder shows its intent. It will not be long before a blasphemy law will be implemented throughout the country against the criticism of the government. And that would be the official start of Indian fascism.

All my life I have heard nothing but glorification of this country. India is so beautiful, unity in diversity, Ganga jamuni tahzeeb, such vibrance woww. What a sham it has turned out to be. All those so called patriotic songs are so fucking shallow. How the writer hasn't killed himself yet?

What we are witnessing is a mass murder. People are not dying on the trains. They are being killed. Has anyone on any of the planes of vande bharat mission died or even been hungry for sometime? When you do this rich poor comparison, you are accused of looking at only one side. As if the class divide is a myth.

Tell me then. Which side should I look at? The side which is being pampered so much that even an NRI pet makes a headline or the side on which a kid is seeing the death of her mother at the age where the kid doesn't even know what death is.

They ask why are you always looking at the negative side? Why the fuck should I look at the positive? What purpose will it solve? If you promise that if I look at the positive then the negatives will cease to exist, I'll be glad to only look at all the positives. Escapism is always attractive anyway.

The negatives are so glaring. You don't even see the layers beneath it. It all boils down to the caste system. The priests are being taken care of but I don't even know the name of the woman who died on the train. The poor and the marginalized in India are nameless, faceless. They don't even exist for us. Then how will we empathize with them?

Characters in films have a backstory. It helps us to connect with them and root for them. Fiction has so much depth but the reality has nothing. The media should be ashamed of itself. Some media channel which show the reality is accused to be doing negative propaganda by showing only the dark side. Really?

Is there any bright side to this country? The poor is suffering on one side and the privileged is jerking off to their poverty. Tell me which side is the bright one?

With every passing day, seeing so much pain all over, I have started romanticising death more than ever. Death is the only solution to life I feel.

PS. Romanticising death is also a privilege.

Jai Hind!

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