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Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus.

Don't forget the battle for survival?


We may be well educated corporate bosses, best academic and multi-sectorial human resource in post exodus era, whereever we are, to serve our country and contribute to the strength of the world. We may have build best of houses across the length and breadth of the globe, now. But we donot call them homes. We may have best vehicles to travel, now. But we love to walk on bare-feet on the valley greens. This pictorial journey of our struggle for survival, no one will forget, as enter 30th year of exodus from Kashmir. Our best lot came from the these tented houses and multi-family on hall homes. Their foundation were laid by community teachers in tented and open sky schools in 40+ plus temperature. We are proud of our struggle for survival. We fought our battle to live with our body, mind and blood. We used pen instead of gun to survive as 5000 year civilisation of Kashmir. We survived as well, with challanges still hanging thick on our community from various sectors including political, culture, DNA invasion, academics and power centres.

Let us resolve to save us from various invasions.

My resolve is to rebuild a "home" in my Kashmir. My resolve is relive in my Kashayapmira. My heart and mind has Kashmir in it.

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