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Throughout history,

Men have fought for economic, racial, caste, educational, power rights. To be treated on par with other men. Or, to atleast get an equal chance. Most of these fall under human rights not male rights.

Men have never had to fight to be equal to a woman or on par.

A few men fought for women, on their behalf.

Women throughout history have rarely enjoyed rights equal to men. Nor, have they even fought enough in the past for it, accepting their place.

They however bore the brunt just as a man did with him, with respect to lack of economic, racial, caste, education and power rights or discrimination. In addition, unique to the species the need to fight for equal gender rights.

Education has changed that. Economics has changed that. Democracy has changed that.

Women are steadily taking their place at the table. Asking for a slice of the pie. Demanding their recognition as valid and equal humans.

Suddenly, men have to deal with the fact that they might have to fight a gender war too amidst other things. Amidst all other wars they fight. Fight a woman for the same space, not merely other men.

Society and people did not force the change or the rules. Laws did. Politics did.

Some find it demeaning to equate themselves to a woman. Some find it funny. Some find it impossible. Some find it almost insulting to their identity. Quite a few of late, don't give a damn and have no issues.

But, the world is changing nevertheless.

Whether men are going to like it, whether women are going to hate it... everyone is part of this sweeping change.

How we go about it across the world will change it forever going forward.

Gender Inclusivity will be become a norm. Not an afterthought. We will then finally, play to strength.

The end future is one where everyone sits at the same table at ease, because it is the most normal and natural thing to do, with hopefully one less issue to fight about.

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