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It’s okay.

It's okay for plan A not to work, neither B nor C and not even the whole alphabet.

It's okay to walk, talk and dress like a whole mess when you feel like it.

It's okay to be lazy couch potato at times.

It's okay to make things and regret them later on.

It's okay to take non-calculated risks then it turns out that you shouldn't have took them in the first place.

It's okay to compromise for you dream vacation.

It's okay to hang around places that don't seem cool or fancy enough yet you enjoy yourself there.

It's okay to point at a shooting star and say that you want to catch it no matter how stupid you might sound.

It's okay to fail a semester for meeting new people and taking your heart and soul to new places in return.

It's okay to do or don't do things just because you don't want to force things on yourself.

It's okay to drop your major to make your own art gallery that you spent a lifetime of dreaming about.

It's okay to quit your well paid secured job to launch your own small business.

It's okay to to wear whatsoever pleases you weird fashion taste.

It's okay not to fit in with the crowd.

It's okay to jump out of happiness and scream so loud when you run into your favorite celebrity.

It's okay to have dreams that everyone say they'll never come true

It's okay to look like a drug addicts at times, and like a red carpet celebrity at other times, both just because you felt like it.

It's okay to eat dessert first.

It's okay to watch a movie 10 times in a row.

It's okay to spend your money over useless things -as they said-, because you want to.

It's okay to climb to cloud nine then fall to rock bottom not knowing reasons for both.

It's okay to believe in colourful unicorns and in horses that fly.

It's okay to want to do all crazy life risking things all at once.

It's okay to still wish for having a pet that understand and talks to you.

It's okay not to be understood.

It's okay to sing loudly in streets with everyone staring at you.

It's okay to invest all your savings in a business with your highschool friends and fail the whole thing after losing all the money.

It's okay prioritize fun things over serious thing when you feel like it.

It's okay to get wave to security cameras and to stranger so enthusiastically.

It's okay to find fingers pointed at you

It's okay to be called the odd one out.

It's okay to go against the flow.

The only thing extremely so not okay, is to live a life that is not worth recalling second by second on your death bed. It is not okay to live all your days alike. It's so not okay to live a life that you won't remember.


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