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No Indian needs to be defensive or ashamed of English. English is an Indian language. Mother tongue or maatri bhaasha cannot be prescribed by or for anyone. The Supreme Court says the maatri bhaasha or mother tongue of a child is the language in which the child's mother speaks with him/her. My granddaughter's mother-tongue is English.

Do not allow language chauvinists to sit on your head. Language is a means of communication. Nothing more, nothing less. Do not use language to shame your countrymen. Use language as a purely utilitarian tool - to catch a rickshaw you most likely might have to speak the language of the region you are catching the rickshaw in. To write a scientific paper you might most probably be better off writing it in English.

No big deal. Nothing to be proud of. Nothing to be ashamed of. Stay cool. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

Jai hind!

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