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Minorities in India. Listen up.

Minorities in India. Listen up. All the Muslims, Dalits, Bahujans, Adivasis and Kashmiris.

I know you all have been following the Minneapolis protests and thinking how great it is that even white people are going all out to support the Blacks there.

Dont expect Bamans to stand up for you here. They won't. The celebrities will not even put one story for you but will definitely spam your feed with the promotion of their upcoming movie.

The men won't come to support the feminist movement and the heterosexuals won't hit the street to support the gay pride parade or to protest against the fucked up transgender law in the country. And Kashmir is a word which they won't even utter.

You have to build your own army of people. Your own community will have to get together. Some one might come from the dominant community and mark their attendance. But nobody will be ready to get lathi charged or go to jail.

USA might be fucked up on many grounds but they still have black superstars in films, sports and politics. There is no Dalit superstar in India. The Muslim superstars are also the Khans and the Pathans. They are from the dominant sects.

Here the Indian whites will be hell bent on delegitimizing your struggle. And will portray the system as the oppressed. Awww our government is sho cute why cant the protestors sing a lullaby to them.

We don't respect the constitution. We respect the murderers of the constitution.

The reality is that. You are on your own here.

PS- Yes this is a pessimistic post. But reality is mostly negative. Sorry.

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