The magnitude of misery is huge.

The population of our country is the main problem for this chaos.

The government is trying its best but it's not possible to reach every needy person.

Have you heard these statements? Ofcourse you have. These are some of the common prototype answers when you criticise the government.

Just look around. Pay attention. See what people are doing on the ground. They are literally burning their own savings to help the needy. They are not caring about anything but the well being of the hungry people.

A Member of Parliament gets around ₹2 lakh salary per month. This salary is taxable. But the other things that the member receives as benefits like a car, fuel, electricity aren't taxable.

The members also get ₹5 crore per year for their respective constituencies. To feed one person one time doesn't require more than ₹150. You can do the math.

When someone like a Sonu Sood can arrange for so many people to go home with his own money. Imagine what can be done with the resources available at the disposal of the MPs.

Not just Sonu. There are so many. They are doing so much with so little. The list is very long.

The government has loads of money in PMcares as well as PM relief fund and other funds. It has overflowing stock in the FCI godowns. Our train network is one of the largest in the world. Food can be transported easily.

If the government really cares, there is no way even one single person will sleep hungry. No fucking way.

If the people are well fed and taken care of, they would never get desperate to go back home.

This excuse of over population is a myth created by the privileged to keep the poor poor. The real reason is income inequality in which the government has a major role to play.

Because if the poor ceases to be poor, he also ceases to be vulnerable and also ceases to be silent. No government can afford this.

The government isn't just a bunch of 4 people working in a small office somewhere in Delhi. The government has lakhs of employees all over the country, crores of rupees and humongous resource at its fingertips.

The social media is being used so well by the government for propaganda. Why can't it be used to help the needy. Why can't I tweet to the food minister about a hungry family and be rest assured that they'll be taken care of.

Most of the NGOs and individuals are using social media to help people. They hear about a mango vendor, his account details go viral and he gets the money. Some one tweets to Sonu Sood that his family needs to go to Darbhanga and he arranges for the travel. Someone calls khalsa aid and they reach with food.

What excuse does the government have. That India is a huge country and it's not possible to reach the last person? Are you fucking serious. This is nothing but sheer incompetence and a lack of will.

The Government has everything. The only thing it doesn't have is a beating heart.

Jai Hind!

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