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Quran V Bhagwad Gita - Fight for supremacy V Fight for defence. An insight.

WAR is a fight. Fight for what? Defence or Supremacy? Both Quran and Bhagwad Gita had war themes. But, the definition of enemy has been different in both the pretext. Who is an enemy? One who attacks you, or one who differs in opinion with you? Two war scenes, that gave rise to two different ideologies for two popular holy books of two major religions of the World.

Observations are interesting.


A War scene, 5,000 years back. THE WAR OF KURUKSHETRA! The war between the Good and the Evil. The conflict that arose from a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas and Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapura. Hence, the war! An 18 days event that established the faith in fight for defence to protect the truth & the right! First day of the war, army from both sides took positions, The war leaders tightened their muscles & jaws in full command of the fight, Bows awaited to throw the arrows piercing throw the air to rip the rival, the resonance of conch shells blew filling the air with the war cry. Sri Krishna, the mediator of the royal families, graced the position of charioteer for the warrior prince Arjuna, the premium archer of the era of Mahabharata! Panchajanya - the conch shell of Sri Krishna blew, to mark the beginning of one of the titanic fight ever! The evil enemy Kauravas in front, Prince Arjuna was to throw the first arrow towards the enemy. The lifelong archery lessons and skills of war from one of the finest warrior of history, was to unleash. Krishna, the quintessential politician & strategist of all time, glanced at Arjuna with determination to make winning inevitable. But to the utter surprise of the charioteer, Arjuna rested his weapons aside, postured in a kneel down position with palms joined in remorse, with tears flowing through the cheeks of the well formed graceful face, taking refusal to fight against his cousins, denying the bloodshed of his very own. THE MOST IMPORTANT moment of the war, that considered much bigger than the war itself, was the birth moment of The holy book of Hindus, The Bhagwad Gita. An excerpt of the conversation that may put an insight to the ideology of the Hinduism. An appeal to fight for Defense & Duty, By Krishna to Arjuna, the ideology of Hinduism.

Arjun: “How can we be happy by slaying our own friends, relatives or even the noble elders. Because even after killing them, we will only enjoy the blood stained pleasures in the form of wealth and sense-enjoyments.”

Krishna: “O Arjun, if you refuse to fight this righteous war, an opportunity to defend the right from the wrong, and shy away from your innate duty, you will lose your reputation as a warrior and thus you will definitely incur sin.”

The main morale of the Bhagwan Gita in just two of many verses of the conversation, practiced by Hindus is benign in its nature. The proof being, India has NEVER invaded other nations. The Indian Army has been there for protecting the nation, but never to attack. A bright example of how the Holy book influences the culture and ideology of the land, FIGHT FOR DEFENSE!


A WAR scene in Arabia. 1400 years back! The founder of Islam had fled Mecca to seek refuge in Medina. The Muslims have been causing nuisance to the Quraysh of Mecca by raiding the merchant caravans. THE BATTLE OF THE TRENCH, as they named it, was a battle between the Prophet Muhammad and the Quraysh of Mecca. In the year 627 A.D. Muslims dug a trench around the exposed Northern and Western parts of the city to stop the Meccan army advance. The Jewish tribe Qurayzas were on the eastern outskirts of Medina. The Jews decided to stay neutral in this conflict which proved fatal for them. Had they helped the Meccans, Muslims would have been defeated. Meccans abandoned the siege. Afterwards, the prophet decided that neutrality was actually breach of a five years old contract with the Jews. Result: All the men were bound with rope. Trenches dug and all the captives beheaded in batches. Imagine, small groups of 800 helpless Jews, who had done no harm to anyone, were brought out and forced to kneel, staring down at the bodies of others before their own heads were lopped off and their bodies pushed down into the ditch. Boys who had some pubic hair growth were beheaded as well and the women who denied to surrender!. There was a fresh supply of widows for servitude. The imagery of the event is sure to run the blood cold.

In the violent verses, the imagery is very graphic. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that speak of war with non-believers, usually on the basis of their status as non-Muslims. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

The fate of the Qurayza is only the first of many such massacres that the Religion of Peace has provided the world. Whether it be the 4,000 Jews at Granada in 1066, the 100,000 Hindus on a single day in 1399, or the millions of Christian Armenians in the early 1900's, untold tens of millions of innocents have perished in mass executions at the hands of Islam. The followers of the messenger of peace live by the example personally set by their prophet. Hence the ideology of Quran, FIGHT FOR SUPREMACY & POWER, continues to be the core teaching to millions across the world.

A reform is a must, if it may ever!

The bloodshed, anti-life principles, extremism & fundamentalism has given rise to ISLAMIST ideologies away from ISLAMIC ideologies of love & kindness. To save the world & mankind from the grip of death in future, the Islamic ones must stand up NOW to against the Islamist ones. Let there be love, let there be peace. Time has passed, many lay themselves to death in the hands of hatred. Let it be NO MORE!


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