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Release the pressure.

Every student has just one teacher and every teacher has a flock of students. By the time they will ever know what an ACADEMICALLY WEAK student struggles with it's already time for their new flock. For them ugly ducklings in their flock are just a bad name. We aren't the category you know which would get them appreciation we don't score in 90s you know, we're the failing category the 33 and below category. As good as a burden or rather as bad as that.

Been the ugly duckling for more than a decade, now probably the pain of it has faded away but that hurt is just as fresh. Yes, as fresh. Why else would I write this even after leaving school for more than 4 years?

Just know that the ugly ducklings in your flock aren't that bad and they too crave for your time and attention.


Just another border line pass student.




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