"Birds do it, bees do it,

even educated fleas do it.

Let's do it, let's fall in love..." Endurance? Indian pythons have been known to copulate for an amazing 180 days. Compare that with bulls of some species that can only keep it up for one second! Sadomasochism? Roman snails actually shoot love darts at each other just to figure out whether they belong to the same species (the female’s vagina is in her head!). As for the female praying mantis, she has her male and eats him too! Desperate inventiveness? Using a sharp-tipped penis, the male bedbug must drill an artificial receptacle into his female because she is born without a vagina. Group sex? Bull frogs with prospective females in a pond orgy. Sex change? Female cleaner fish (blue and striped-black) do it all the time, turning a bright yellow in the process. Oysters not only change sex frequently, but can impregnate and be impregnated just one week apart. Bondage? Male and female hornbills cooperate to imprison the female, who will be let out of her nest-prison only after she has delivered and helped rear their offspring! Gorgy? When the times comes to mate, the female land tortoise will eat so much that when she pulls her head into her shell, her vagina pops out, signalling her willingness to mate! Ouch! The octopus female has a vagina in her nose. If a male tries to mate with her against her will she simply bites off his penis and makes off with it (he has eight)! Yep, wild animals "do it" in remarkably creative ways!

Though lions are looked upon as symbols of virility across the world, the truth is that the sexual act is over within a minute! However, lions may mate repeatedly within a short span of time. Typical of cats, the lion grabs the lioness by the neck, often drawing blood in the process. The act is accompanied by continuous low growls by the lion and higher pitched mewing sounds from the lioness. Wild!

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