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The Sikh community has been standing with the Muslims of this nation through thick and thin. Whether it was the protests or the pogrom in Delhi, they fought with us tooth and nail. And when a part of their community was mercilessly massacred by the ISIS, what did we do as Muslims? We collectively came together and disowned ISIS. Imagine if the Sikh community, the Hindus, and people of other faiths, fighting with us against CAA-NRC and the various anti-Muslim propaganda of the regime, would have just stood up, disowned the BJP and gone back to their work. Would it have done any good for the Muslims? Would we have called them allies?

The ISIS is Muslim. That doesn't mean every Muslim is ISIS. But the core beliefs of each Muslim, like the kalma, are the same. And fortunately or unfortunately, that is only thing that classifies you as a Muslim, the rest is all halaal-haraam. So instead of disowning the ISIS, call them Muslims, call them the Khawarij, and be vocal about the fundamentalist and biased approach they have of the religion. For they are cherry-picking things from the religion, the same way you cherry pick your revolutions. Denouncing ISIS from Islam will only help wipe out your guilt, it won't take away the identity ISIS holds in the world. Whether its the Taliban, the Jaish, or the ISIS, they are terrorist organizations with made of people who believe in Islam. Period. The right Islam or the wrong Islam can be the debate.

Some might take this as a personal attack, and it is. If you do not have the courage or the courtesy to fight your own religion when it takes the form of a ruthless animal in another land, then you do not have the right to cry injustice on the other end as well.

If the Muslims are a minority in India, so are the Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan, so are the Yazidis in Iran, and so are the Ahmadiyyas and Shia Muslims in Pakistan. I know of a lot of my Muslim friends who have been vocal about ISIS and have been completely condemning the violence, and I appreciate that. But to be honest, there just aren't enough voices, forget enough actions.

Also, when you say the ISIS isn't Muslim, because they don't follow your set of Muslim beliefs, or whatever beliefs you hold true, you create two problems; first, you enable the people who control the groups like ISIS and other organizations because they do not function on the validation of other Muslims. Second, you enable the oppressors of the majority community to oppress communities like the Shias, Ahmadiyyas, Alavites, Yazidis, etc.

If India is our homeland because we have lived here for centuries, so is Afghanistan the homeland of the Sikhs and Hindus who have been residing there since centuries. If you cannot stand against the persecution of minority in another country do not cry foul in your own. Period.

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