Sikhs in Afghanistan.

The attack on Sikhs in Afghanistan pains me. In fact, any such human-to-human attack does. But, there was a reason I did not speak much on it, and I will tell you why. Before that, let me also clear the fact that as it turned out, the attack was carried forth by an IS terrorist who belonged to Kerala.

You see why I don’t want to talk about it? Because a certain politician had already started linking Shaheen Bagh to Taliban terrorists. Because I saw numerous Muslims apologising and condemning in the comments, and people laughing on them, ridiculing them, and calling them abettors in the attack. Mind you, these were the same people who shout from the rooftops for mass Muslim apology whenever any attack happens.

The reason I did not talk much about the attack was because I did not want the memory of those slain, to be stained by those opportunists who have no sympathy for them, yet they want to capitalise on their tragedy, so that they can use that to besmirch another community, for the sake of their bloodlust. The reason I did not talk about it, because I did not want this tragedy to become another Kashmiri Pandit tragedy, which is only talked about when one talks about violence conducted against the minority in the country, like no number of deaths or casualties will satiate the bloodlust of those who do whataboutery.

Today, I know what will be the reactions of many such Indians, and I am ashamed. Because you never condemn the terrorists, but somehow, you feel great, a patriot, a protector of your religion, when you call for the blood of another innocent human, just because he or she shares the same faith as the terrorist.

And that’s why, I did not talk about it. Your selfish sympathy will not be a stain on those slain. I will not feed your phobia. I will not nourish your hate.

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