Story of El Negro Matapacos.

1. During this time of protest, I know we could all use an uplifting story. So I want to tell you about El Negro Matapacos, the heroic Chilean protest dog who hated the police. 2. El Negro Matapacos (“Black Cop Killer”) was a stray dog who began showing up to support Chilean student protestors in 2011. He gained famed for never hurting a civilian, but always turned aggressive against the police.

3. He was fiercely protective of the protestors, and he would accompany them into the thick of danger.

4. El Negro was always on the front lines.

5. He hated the water canons, but he never retreated. He barked and thrashed and gnashed his teeth. Because he was brave.

6. He gave absolutely zero fucks. Here he is making love to his lady friends in front of the cops’ paint splattered tanks.

7. And he was always there to back up his friends.

8. He understood solidarity. He understood who the violent thugs were. And he was just a dog.

9. And he never gave the cops a moment’s peace.

El Negro died of old age in 2017 under the care of a volunteer veterinarian. But he will always be remembered taking a stand.

Here is an entire page of tribute-

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