Students should focus on their studies.

The best argument: sTUdenTs SHoulD FocUS On THeir STUdies

Which curriculum are we talking about here? The one that enforces a slave-like mentality and zero creativity and innovation? One that tells to earn in millions and if not then feel like a loser? The one that has zero contribution in carving us out as better citizens, the one that is not even remotely designed to condition us psychologically to face both the sides of the coin?

Education is important, yes, but so is opening up the mind and protesting against the wrong. Students are the future citizens of a nation, and the first ones to realise what the future is turning out to be like.

At this moment, instead of picking sides and blaming separate ideologies, do some introspection. If our idea of a Bharat, an India is one beautiful bouquet of diversity, then no matter which side of the spectrum we are on, we should be able to differentiate between right and wrong. If not, then my friend you are hiding bigotry in plain sight, and you have no interest in the India that has been nourished for the past seven decades. You have been lusting for a communal idea against the constitution and craving to come out of the closet. It is here, then, that we part ways.

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