The Quran v The Bhagwat Gita.

Updated: May 18, 2020

”The time has come that there be a movement among the Muslims to reform the Quran”

- Aziz Khalid

The Quran and

The Bhagwat Gita

Let’s join the ’debate’ about the two books.

My faith rests on one strong belief. Reading is Knowledge, knowledge is power! A powerless act is a vain trial of building a castle in the air.

A foundation built upon sound knowledge enables us to think, reason, rationalise and decide "what we do" as to "why we do".

Debates are very common, but mindful ones are rare. A mindful debate never produces rivals, it binds us in the string of humanity, a kinship that may transform the world into a paradise of love & understanding, devoid of dogmatic practices and blind faiths.

Through this write-up I urge one and all to read The QURAN and The BHAGWAD GITA for your understanding. At the end of this article, I have attached the authentic link of both the holyscripts for your easy access.

India’s Liberal ideologues often say Gita and Quran are similar as religious books. The people who think like that mainly belong to three groups;

(a) They are being politically correct, i.e., intentionally naïve in the interest of communal harmony or political gains (as Gandhi did)

(b) They have not read even a single page of Gita or Quran and are just mouthing popularly held opinions. (This applies to the vast majority of people in our country)

(c) They are politically or financially motivated, seeking Hindu, Muslim and secular votes. It is the Congress, liberals, Communists in India and NGOs backed by the international media and financiers.

Let us examine this claim with an open mind, only after we have read both the books.



The only similarity is the theme of war in the Quran and Gita.

Islamic faith divides humanity into two parts: Muslims and non-Muslims; believers and infidels.

Islam is one nation (Ummah), religiously and politically. All the infidels are one unified nation whose interests are opposite and rival to those of the Muslim Ummah.

The agenda of Quran is to create and sustain a highly focused organised, militant society where the leader is obeyed.

Like in Communism, Quran orders the believers to surrender their personal self to the benefit of the “collective self” of the society called the Ummah.

The battle in the Gita is between two branches of the same family over the inheritance of the kingdom. Gita’s teachings are for the individual seeker. Its about the inner functioning of human mind.

Any comparative study would quickly reveal that Quran and Gita teachings are diametrically opposite. One is fighting for supremacy and the other is fighting for defence.

All the groups are thinking wishfully without accessing the original sources.

I invite all of you to READ first & then believe what I claim. I tell you one thing that nobody has read the Quran properly, except the terrorists / jihadists.

I found Gita to be benign to be questioned as to anti to communal peace. But any question raised on this is most welcome.

But towards my claim about Islam, 99% Muslims have no idea what is actually in the Quran. Their knowledge is through Mosque and Mullah.

Hindus don’t read their Gita either.

They may recite it in Sanskrit with wonderful diction, great devotion and complete ignorance as Muslims do with Quran in Arabic.

There are verses in Quran which are so violent that they are impediment to the idea of universal brotherhood of man.

Muslims can’t deny that Quran contains verses which order for the Infidels to be slayed, stoning to death to woman on adultery; being gay is a crime punishable by death. Quran speaks highly derogatory of those whom it calls ’kafirs’.

There are very few verses of tolerance and peace to balance out those calling for nonbelievers (kafirs) to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed.

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