Toss your beliefs.

Education doesn’t guarantee churning good human beings. It opens doors but choice of using those or not remains with the individuals. That’s why we still have educated fools and criminals with valid degrees.

Reading a book allows the reader a peek into someone else’s mind. But that is only a one-way communication. The take-away depends more on the reader’s interpretation.

Tossing the ideas with others is what makes people learn and they become more humane if they exchange ideas with a diverse group. That’s why liberal universities are so necessary. That’s also why children end up being more like their parents. Discussions in a friendly manner make people rethink and reframe their opinions.

Exactly why the fascists always destroy diverse learning spaces.

Exactly why the children of bigots grow up as bigots. Same with the liberals. The exchange of ideas is with the similar set.

Exactly why illiterates might be more human because they tossed ideas with more evolved but not necessarily educated people. What they learn is from life & its experiences-the greatest teacher!

Exactly why common sense is so rare, we keep rating degrees more.

So, do toss those ideas around. They always come back richer.



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