Violence is bad. It should not be practiced at all. It is a barbaric and a coward act at the same time.

BUT, only when it is practiced by the state.

If the state doesn’t cease to be violent, they and their supporters have no moral superiority to dictate non violence to the oppressed agitators.

If you want the protesters and oppressed to be non violent, then as a state:

• Apologise unconditionally

• Make a promise to not commit atrocities again

• Build trust with the citizens

• Work for their dignified survival

• Create a safe environment for the marginalised

• Let go of your prejudices

• Make yourself accountable

• Be responsible

• Let go of that intimidating attitude

• Build a nation where there are no marginalised

• Understand that you serve the citizens and not otherwise

• Cultivate compassion and empathy

The list isn’t exhaustive, nor is it complex. These are the basics. Do these first.

Angry agitated protesters have been oppressed for such a long time that they are bound to explode some day or the other. Instead of pointing fingers at them, look in the mirror and introspect. Gauge your own systemic violence which has been unrelenting forever.

There is a difference between burning of buses by protesters and burning down of marginalised people by the state. Literally as well as figuratively. Coz apart from the physical harm done to the marginalised which is apparent and is relatively easy to call out, there is economic and social marginalization as well. And it is as good as killing only.

The former will stop once the latter does.

And you, the supporters of the state, you start speaking truth to power and start asking them questions. Do not waste your time and show your cowardice by asking questions to those who are standing up against the persecution.

Ask your masters if they are following the above points. Ask yourself, have you ever told them to.

And when you are at it, just put your mind through a storm and get out of that self victimization zone. You are not oppressed, you are not marginalized. Coz had you been one of the two, you would not be scoffing at the violent protests.

This blog is not just about the America. It’s about India also.

More specifically, it’s about YOU. Yes you, the privileged baman sycophant.

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