You have no right to target Sonia Gandhi.

I am no Sonia Gandhi fan, let me establish that first, because what I am going to say next is going to be a dart in the a** for many.

You despise Gandhi family, fine, that is your choice. What gives you the right to demean a woman, by mudslinging her? Oh, she was a waitress? Was she a bar dancer? I don't know. I have read all of these highly sexist theories in the form of hardcore communal pages and of course, the cult favourite, Whatsapp. Even if it is real, IT DOESN'T MATTER. Read that again, the dart will dig deeper, but I don't give a flying f*ck.

Does it matter what nationality she belongs to? You, a loser of the highest order, wants to feel proud when an Indian-origin person who holds the citizenship of another country earns laurels. You want to feel the success vicariously. But for you, a woman who came to India post her marriage, and has been here for a considerable amount of time, is not Indian enough.

Per se consider she is not fit to be the PM. But that should be because the party is corrupt, not because she is a woman who was born in Italy. Not because she waitressed there. Do you know most of the kids start earning their pocket money abroad? Unlike the useless douches here whose parents fatten them up while they spend their time laughing on sexist jokes with their minuscule brains and egos and then they procreate to further that thought process.

I will say it again, targeting Sonia Gandhi because of her gender, her country of origin, and her old profession, no matter what, is not the way to be. You want her certificate of incompetence, look for her political abilities and judge them, not her personal life.

You guys deserve a Phoolan Devi, a woman who could scare you, a woman you would think twice before insulting. She was aggressive enough to address the douches herself, even if she went down for it.

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